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Engine Block Pressure Testing
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Quality and Precision since 1949

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Cylinder Head Machining

Most Major Diesel Brands Serviced

Bring in your damaged cylinder head and we will disassemble, clean, magnaflux, inspect, machine, assemble and paint your old cylinder head(s).

Connecting Rod Check and Repair

R&R Pin Bushings

We will clean your connecting rods, measure  them, remove and install a new bushing, and then cut the bushing to the correct diameter according to your engine manufacturer's specifications.

Magnaflux Crack Detection

Unmatched crack detection

Our magnaflux machine sets us apart from other machine shops in south Florida and ensures that you won't be spending money repairing a component that will not work.  This spots cracks you cannot normally see with the naked eye.


Engine Block Machining

Surfacing, Milling, Align boring and more

Our engine block inspection and repair is unmatched in south Florida and ensures you get your engine back in like-new condition.

Pressure Testing

Our Pressure Testing services ensure the injector tubes are installed correctly and will not leak.

Pressure Testing

Crankshaft Polishing and Grinding

and Camshaft Polishing

Crankshaft verification and machining

We will clean and inspect your crankshaft.  Our staff's +50 years of experience are very well suited to determine if your crankshaft could be polished and left at standard, or would have to be ground to factory specifications.

Crankshaft Grinding
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