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Engine Block Services



Block Cleaning

Your engine block will be cleaned in our heated wash tank to remove oil and debris.  The gasket mating surfaces are then buffed and the dowel pins are removed to have the block inspected.  The liners and main caps are also removed at this time.



Block Inspection

The plugs are removed from the blocks as well as any cam bushings, as the cleaning tank damages bushings during the cleaning process.


The top of the engine block will be inspected and measured to compare with the specifications of the manufacturer.  The surface conditions and reusability guidelines by the manufacturer will be followed and an estimate for the repair charges will be prepared.


The block is then flipped over and the main caps installed and torqed so that the align bore can be measured.



Block Machining Upper

Once you approve the work to be done to the block.  Our experienced machinists get to work.  Some common repairs to engine blocks include the boring of the cylinder walls.  Some manufacturers offer oversized pistons, so the blocks that do not take liners, can be bored out and then honed in order to match the acceptable tolerance between piston and block.  In other cases, blocks that take liners may have the lower mating surfaces damaged and not allow the liner to block water from getting into the oil.  We can manufacture and install new sleeves on the lower end of the cylinder bore in the block.  If the surface of the block is pitted or uneven, we can surface the block as well as counterbore for shims and even manufacture and install new stainless steel water passage inserts.

Spray weld.JPG


Spray Welding

Sometimes metal needs to be added to repair excessively worn areas in order to save a component that may no longer be available.  Motor Service has a spay welder which adds the correct type of material to a surface.  Metal is melted and sprayed with certain gases that allow the metal to only harden once in contact with the intended area to repair. 

For a quick video see below.



Final Clean and Prep.

The ending block is taken back into the cleaning area where it goes back through the washtank and all oil galley ports and water passages are cleaned to remove any loose metal.  The engine is then primed and painted, (as per customer's preference).  The plugs and Cam bearings are then reinstalled as are the dowel pins.  The engineblcok is then cosmolined to be returned to the customer.

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