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Pictures and Videos

Our Yard

Motor Service located at the corner of NW 66th Street and 77th Court

Honing with Deck Plate

Correct Deck Plates ensure that the boring and honing process are true when the engine is assembled.

C32 Acert Longblock

Caterpillar C32 ACERT Longblock remanufactured by Motor Service.

Crankshaft with cosmoline

Crankshaft that has been polished and is still STD. We apply cosmoline for rust prevention.

Magnafluxed Crankshaft

Cracked Crankshaft


Piston Liner Kit

Surfaced Cylinder Heads

Surfaced marine cylinder heads.

Camshaft Installation

Camshaft installation in Cat engine.

871 Detroit Diesel Rebuild

Complete engine rebuild on a Detroit Diesel 871 for a drill rig.

Large Marine MTU Crank

Crankshaft to be polished for marine engine.

Sleeved and Surfaced

Installed new cylinder sleeves and surfaced engine block.

Marine Cylinder Heads

Marine Cylinder Heads ready to install.

3208 Engine block after Maching

Caterpillar 3208 engine block with new sleeves and surfaced.

Crank installed

Crank installed ready to test endplay

Magnafluxed Cylinder Head

Magnafluxed Cylinder Head

3512 After Machining

3512 After Machining

Engine Pressure Test

Pinhole discovered after pressure testing engine block

Magnafluxed Crankshaft

Stress cracks are evident in this journal.

3512 Block in Washtank

Up to a Caterpillar 3512 engine block fits in our washtank.

Cylinder Head Ready

Cylinder Head Ready

Shortblock Buildout

Crankshaft installation into block. Getting ready to measure the endplay in the crankshaft after applying correct torque to the maincaps.

C32 Longblock

Engine longblock remanufactured by us.

Block Honing

Block honing to ensure the right dimensions and crosshatching for piston rings to seal properly.

C32 ACERT Remanufactured

This C32 engine was completely remanufactured by Motor Service Group.

Cleaning Tank Washout

Making sure each water passage and oil passage is flushed with clean, hot water to get the metal shavings out.

Connecting Rods for Exchange

Connecting Rods for Exchange

Spray Welding of Main Saddle 3412

Main saddle repairs on a 3412 engine block. Done to save the block from becoming non-useable.

3500 Series Cat Cylinder Head

3500 Series Cat Cylinder Head

Head Damage below the seat

Cylinder head damage below the valve seat.

Rod Machinist Art

Connecting rod Machinist inspecting his work.

Cat engine Artfull
Detroit Diesel Artfull
Caterpillar 3516 Artfull
Engine Block Art


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