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When you hear the term rebuilt, you normally think your engine has been has new parts and your ready to go. Some or all of the major components of your engine, however, probably have wear that would render new parts ineffective or at the very least will cause them to wear at a much faster rate. When your engine is remanufactured, it is more than the replacement of parts, but rather a thorough inspection of all components on the engine with precision indicators and the machining of those parts that are outside the manufacturer's tolerances. When you remanufacture your engine with us, you can rest assured that the crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rods, cylinder head and engine block will all have the measurements and tolerances set forth by the manufacturer. When the engine is put back together correctly you can expect to have the same durability as when the engine was new. Using quality parts is also a must of course. We recommend IPD parts to this end, or the original engine manufacturer's parts (OEM).

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